Covid-19 Protocols

Proof of vaccination will be required for entry. Learn more about the COVID protocols that will be in place when you return to the State & Bijiou Theatres.

Opening Thanksgiving Night

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King Richard


Rated: PG-13

2h 24m

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Opening Thanksgiving Night

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Rated: PG-13

1h 37m

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Mike’s Weekly Movie Letter

Friends —

The lights came on, the curtains rose, massive applause broke out inside amongst the fully-vaccinated, and for the first time in 20 months, Downtown Traverse City’s main anchor and chief beacon of art, entertainment and nightlife was back, alive and kicking and blasting its lights up and down Front Street — all the way to the International Space Station! (so said “The Dude” as he sipped his White Russian while taking in Bogart, “here’s lookin’ at ya, kid”).

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With your support, we’ll keep the magical experience alive.

We know parking in downtown can be tough! Let us help.


A: You can purchase tickets for both theaters online (link) and in person at both box offices. The State and Bijou box offices open one hour before each show of the day. For more info, call the box office: State 231-600-7272Bijou 231-600-7300.

And don’t forget — all tickets to our opening weekend of films in both theaters (November 19-21) are FREE. Read the Covid Protocols page and don’t forget to bring your covid Vaccination card and a photo ID. If you forget your mask, we will have free ones available. And read our Covid Protocols here.

A: Seating is reserved and socially distanced. You can sit with your fully vaccinated and masked family and friends. View the State seating chart and the Bijou seating chart.

A: COVID-19 protection has always required a layered approach. Other than complete isolation, no single thing is 100% effective. Vaccination, masks, distancing, and improved indoor air quality all combine to provide a very high level of protection.

A note about masks:

Cloth and surgical masks reduce inhaled and exhaled aerosols by 11-25%. A fitted N95 or KF94 mask typically provides 98-99% filtering. This is significant, additional protection for you and the people around you. High quality N95 and KF94 masks have very low breathing resistance as well as great filtering performance.

N95 (USA) and KF94 (South Korea) mask ratings meet stringent test standards that are enforced by a national regulatory agency. Nearly all of these masks exceed the test standard by a significant margin. Example: 3M brand 8210 N95 masks have a 99.4% filter efficiency and minimal air resistance.

For true mask nerds, check these independently tested filtering results and mask sources:

A: Since concessions won’t be open for now because of our mask mandate, we won’t have staff there to sell water. You are welcome to bring your own liquid and take an occasional drink under your mask. We also have a water fountain in the lobby. When not taking a sip, masks must be on.

A: Yes, somewhat, but not as distracting as having COVID. We will do our best to find a good balance that minimizes distraction. If everyone does their part, it won’t be a big deal. We presently have faith that everyone will.

A: This is somewhat of an existential question. Fundamentally there are no guarantees in life. That said, troublemakers will not be allowed in the theater. And if a nice person comes in and decides to become a troublemaker they will have to leave. We believe strongly in peace, and it will be kept.

It saddens us that neighbors and even family members have chosen a path that may lead to their end. Over 90% of those locally here who are hospitalized or die of Covid are unvaccinated.

A: It depends on the meaning of best, easiest, and near. It also depends on the time of day and time of year (a rhyme!).

My personal favorite is Lot B just off the Parkway between Front St. and Cass. It’s easy to get in and out, has many long-term meters, and is a 3-minute walk to the either the State or Bijou. The Hardy Parking Garage at Park and State St. is very close and will keep your car dry and snow-free (unless you’re on the top deck). If you love to parallel park, and can find an open spot, and are willing to pay premium at the meters, there’s always Front St. near the theater.

If you don’t mind a 5 or 10-minute micro-trek, nearby neighborhoods between Boardman Ave. and Franklin St. have free street parking. (Be good to the neighbors!)

Here are links to TC parking rates and locations:

A: For now, exactly what they were in 2019:

  • $9 Adults
  • $8 Seniors
  • $7 Children (5-12 and under — no unvaccinated children may attend)

This is $2-$3 less than the AMC outside of town.


First run new movies will begin on Thanksgiving Day!

A: Yes! As we are still getting all our systems restarted, this will take a few weeks before we resume member discounts. Wherever your membership was at on March 12, 2020 when all theaters were shuttered by the state of Michigan, the remaining months of your annual membership will be honored beginning December 1.

A: Most definitely! We intend to keep the theaters and the film festival run mostly by volunteers. Volunteers are the heart and soul of this operation. We will announce within the month the reboot of our volunteer operation. For now, just stop by on the days we’re open and pitch in!

A: OMG! They are fantastic! The real fix to a sweet tooth. Also, water is a great replacement for pop.

A: Sooner than you think. Look for our announcement soon!

A: I guess we blame an economic system that is not based on the values of democracy which implies that everyone has a say in how the economy is run and that everyone has a seat at the table. Our system has rewarded the few with an out-of-control disparity in wealth and income, the lack of a living wage, and making the United States the only industrialized country where health care is not a human right. During the pandemic, those with money came to TC and bought up everything they could. Now, for many, those who work here can no longer live here. Only we can stop this.

A: Eat more gum drop grapes. And vote.
A: 20.1 miles per hour.

That’s all for today!

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